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3ID puts your data in your control with decentralized multichain digital identity
Supported blockchains:

Personal NFT Gallery

Curate a personal art gallery for your NFTs regardless of what blockchain or wallet they are issued on.

Decentralized Social Profile

Configure your PFP and public profile information once. Encrypt your KYC information and permission access only to those that need it.

Secure Messaging App

3ID allows you to send receive secure messages without sharing your personal information like email or phone number.


Connect to dApps using any linked blockchain account on desktop or mobile using your mobile wallet.


Manage your personal and application data on decentralized storage networks like IPFS.


Store your encrypted KYC information once and authorize which applications can have access.


Membership & Access

In order to claim a 3ID account you must hold an Access Card in your wallet.
Come join us in Beta and make your mark on the future of 3ID!

How can I get Access Card?
Every 3ID member gets 3 invite links they can share with their friends.
If you don't know anyone with an invite link, ask us in Discord or buy one on OpenSea
Is 3ID secure?
What is my 3ID PFP? 
What blockchains does 3ID support?
Where can I learn more?
Who’s behind this project?
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